The Aims & Objectives of the Transylvanian Wildlife Project

The Transylvanian Wildlife Project seeks to preserve one of the last great wildlife habitats in Europe through achieving a number of objectives:-

1. To preserve and protect native Transylvanian wildlife and their habitat;

2. To provide independent, impartial and non-invasive wildlife monitoring within the Transylvanian ecosystem;

3. To support local communities through the development of sustainable tourism;

4. To deliver an education programme that seeks to support the TWP's core objectives;

The wider aims of the project are to highlight and document the richness and diversity of local flora and fauna, with the aid of photographic material promoting sustainable ecological tourism to the area. Present financial spin-offs from wildlife are largely due to the foreign hunting fraternity. We would like to promote alternative means of income generation which involves and benefits a wider range of people in the local community. This  includes photographic style safaris; tracking and bushcraft courses; educational school excursions; walking with shepherds tours; and many more.