Welcome to the Transylvanian Wildlife Project

Welcome to our website, we are a team of dedicated biologists, conservationists, photographers and nature lovers determined to preserve one of the last true wilderness areas of Europe, the Carpathian ecosystem. We are building an informative data base of the flora and fauna of the Eastern Carpathians of Transylvania, Romania. 

We will share with you our research, images, videos and trials and tribulations of working in Europe's last great wilderness in the hope that we can connect people with nature and preserve this vital ecosystem.

Our key aims and objectives are to understand, preserve and protect native Transylvanian wildlife and their habitats; to provide independent and impartial non-invasive monitoring within the ecosystem; to support local communities through the development of sustainable tourism; to deliver an education programme that seeks to support the TWP's core objectives and to provide independent research as an environmental health barometer. 

We hope that you will enjoy our website and getting to know both the team and the area. 

Thank you for visiting our website, 

The TWP team.