News & Updates

April 2015

Gál László (TWP Director) has now completed the film "Forest Dream" which has now been entered at the "International Film Festival" in Gödöllő.

May 2014

The last 12 months have been busy and we have thrown everything into the funded research, we are now coming to the completion of this 12 month funded National Geographic project and over the next few weeks will be collection everything together, preparing reports and sending everything of to National Geographic. During this time we will also be discussing the next steps for the project, where to go from here to continue our vital research.

June 30th 2013

The TWP is currently undergoing some changes and re-vamping of both our website and social media pages so please bear with us while we make the changes, but rest assured we are continuing our research during this time.  Thank you for your support, Victoria.

June 4th 2013

We have been awarded a National Geographic Explorers Expedition grant award for the following year to help us buy vital equipment for our research. As part of this grant I have been invited to be a National Geographic Explorer so that I can share with you all the latest news from the team from the field and what we have been finding. You can read my journal here:

National Geographic Explorers Journal