An Education for Life

The Transylvanian Wildlife Project is committed to educating local communities about protecting and preserving wildlife and the precious ecosystems they rely on. Meeting of long term objectives means educating younger generations is crucial and contributes to preserving a sustainable legacy that secures that precious relationship between local communities and the wildlife around them.

Our experience informs us that children have a good understanding and experience of the delicate beauty that surrounds them. Our school road shows are designed to educate children on how they can help sustain their environment against the perils of exploitation of a land rich in natural resources. The legacy of this education programme will be measured by the increasing involvement of children in future environmental projects and sustainable tourism.

The vision is also realistic and the programme reflects the needs of future generations as well as the clear aims and objectives of the Transylvanian Wildlife Project.

Children are enthusiastic learners who benefit from a stimulating learning environment at an age where learning can be exciting. Generating funding means we can enhance our presentations with multimedia technology and build on our interactive learning programme through improving our information displays.

We are justifiably proud of our programme and are passionate about developing responsible attitudes to Transylvanian wildlife. The children we’ve met are a credit to themselves and their families.

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