Meet The Team

Laszlo Gal (Full Member) Project President, Tracker, Photographer & Mushroom Specialist (Romania)

'Laci' is the TWP's resident tracker,
who has an in depth knowledge of the eastern Carpathian forests and mountains. Being self employed Laszlo plans his life around his first love, nature. He ventures into the forest alone for several days at a time, living from the land, tracking and photographing bears and wolves amongst other wildlife. Laci is not only a mushroom specialist and wildlife ranger, but also goes into schools to show his videos on the forest and answer questions.

Barna Bereczki (Full Member) Project Vice-President, Photographer, Plant Specialist & Logistics (Romania)

'Barni' specialises in logistical support for project members photographing wildlife in the higher reaches of the Carpathian mountains. He has climbed most of the highest peaks within Europe and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Barni specialises in photographing landscapes and wild flowers.
"In contrast to the habits, the wildlife conservation is not my profession, but it is my passion. From where I came then? From my love of nature and mountains. As an Alpinist, and lately a mountain guide  I have another serious hobby too, the photography. During my hiking/climbing tour  born and grew as an important factor the need I feel to photograph the Transylvanian landscape and natural wonder. Today I give the same importance for nature photography as for the climbing and conservation activities, and I try to introduce this legendary land to the outside world. These two important elements of my life lead me to meet the idea of TWP, and to became an enthusiastic member. First I came as the high alpine area specialist, to lead our activities on the alpine regions, but during the past few years I support all our actions in forested areas too, and of course - because we are a little team - I deal with the logistics and other administrative issues too"

Victoria Hillman BSc. MSc. Research Director & Photographer (UK)

Victoria is research scientist by training (BSc in zoology with marine zoology from the University of Wales, Bangor and an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from Edinburgh Napier University) and an award winning wildlife photographer. She has developed a deep understanding and passion for the natural world and alongside her studies began to develop my photography, developments which are continuously ongoing.
"I have been taking photos for as long as I can remember and over the last several years although I have concentrated on wildlife I do also photograph the habitats and plants of the area in which I am working to create an overall picture of the ecosystem. I love every aspect of wildlife and studying their behaviour has allowed me to capture different images and unique moments through photography. My passion is to share with people the way I see the natural world in the hope that I can help to change peoples’ perceptions and inspire them to get outdoors, understand, enjoy and conserve its beauty. I always put the safety and welfare of both my subject and the environment first even if this means missing a crucial opportunity. The trust that I am able to build up over time with my subjects is very rewarding, allowing me to enjoy and capture aspects of their day to day life. For the TWP I am mainly concentrating on the insects as this is a real passion of mine but am photographing anything that comes along!"

Botond Balint (Full Member) - TWP Secretary (Romania)

'Boti' studied Mathematics in Cluj Napoca, and now works for an international web design and programming company. In his spare time Boti is an outdoor fanatic and devotes a lot of his time organising activities such as hiking, snow boarding, and mountain biking for local people. He is acutely aware of how important it is to maintain the unique Carpathian wilderness environment for future generations to come.

Zsolt Biró BSc MSc (Associate Member) - TWP Environmental Protection Advisor

After graduating from high school, Zsolt moved to Hungary to study biology and environmental protection and gained a BSc degree. He then went to the Gábor Dénes College to study software engineering, and then spent a further four years specialising in programming. Zsolt was eventually promoted to assistant lecturer at the Berzsenyi Dániel College, teaching students how to use the Internet as part of their research. After two years in this post Zsolt then decided to become a self-employed freelance translator. His high quality work was soon recognised and now his client list includes the Microsoft Corporation.